New Voices on Climate Change

A lively assembly of some of the country’s freshest, most dynamic young voices in this – the third event in the RSA’s new series of climate change events with a difference.

As prospective custodians of the planet and decision-makers of the future, Britain’s young people are a vital component of the conversation around climate change. But what do they really think about the issues, how do they relate to the seven dimensions of climate change, and what do they feel are potential ways forward?

Secondary school students from around the country (including our very own stars from the family of RSA Academies) will be taking to the Great Room stage to deliver a variety of short, passionate talks on the most pressing problem of our time.

This event is part of an RSA and COIN initiative supported by The Climate Change Collaboration. The seven dimensions of climate change project seeks to turn a scientific fact into a social fact by clarifying what it really means to ‘act’ through the complementary and competing perspectives of Science, Behaviour, Technology, Culture, Law, Economy and Democracy