Miles Above – Home is Where You Huck Yourself – Ep 3

Watch Miles do the “McConkey” BASE jump:
When Miles was looking for a place to call Home, Sweet Home, two factors weighed mightily; a 486-foot high skyway over the Snake River Canyon called the Perrine Bridge and a 5’2″ darling named Nikki. This undeniable double whammy landed Miles in Twin Falls, Idaho, the B.A.S.E. jumping Mecca of the U.S., where a life of daddyhood, pygmy goats and pancake breakfasts merges seamlessly with days spent hucking reverse gainers off the Perrine Bridge. Now he’s all set to sherpa his old crony, world famous solo climber Mike Libecki through his first ever BASE jump. Ready, set … C-Ya!

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