LIVE EVENT: Is Shame Necessary?

Rising star and NYU academic Jennifer Jacquet argues that modern day shaming is a non-violent form of resistance that can be used to challenge institutions, organizations, and even governments in order to bring about large-scale change.

In cultures that champion the individual, guilt is promoted as the foundation of conscience. Yet while guilt can holds individuals to account, it proves entirely toothless in the face of corrupt corporate policies.

Jennifer Jacquet believes the answer to the limitations of guilt can be found in shame. While many find the idea of shame offputting, Jacquet visits the RSA to suggest that it can be re-modelled and re-understood as a viable tool that can offset the shortcomings of guilt.

If we shame sparingly, in just the right way, in just the right quantity, and at just the right time, could it perhaps put us on the path to a more sustainable, fair way of living for all?

Speaker: Jennifer Jacquet, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, New York University
Chair: Georgina Chatfield, Programme Manager, RSA Academies

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