Introducing the iPhone app: by Nature Video

Stay in touch with the latest scientific news and research, anytime, anywhere.

Get the latest science news and research from Nature on the go, with the app for iPhone, iPod Touch and the newly announced iPad.

Read full text articles immediately or save them for later, set up saved searches, or just browse the latest news and research. We’ve designed an experience that lets you read scholarly content quickly and comfortably – with high resolution, zoomable figures and a special references view.

You can read abstracts from other journals too: just set up a saved search with the PubMed option (more databases are coming soon) and you’ll be alerted of relevant research, no matter where it’s from, as soon as it gets published, all in the one app.

As an introductory offer, access to the full text of all Nature and Nature News content through the app is free until the 30 April 2010. To download visit: